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About forest protection, CO2-neutral delivery and other FAQ's

Beech forest - the Primeval Forest of Europe

For each picture sold, I buy 1 square meter of local beech forest and protect it for 50 years!

Unfortunately, beech forests, with trees > 180 years old, only make up a small proportion in Germany: 0.16 percent of the land area.
When you know that this was originally 90 percent in Germany, you become aware of the extent of the change.
Since climate change does not stop at borders, I decided not to go into the rainforest with this project, but to stay in my home region.

There will soon be a separate page for the beech jungle project!


Below you can see
the protected forest

100% CO2 neutral

With my collections printed on fine art paper, I am 100% committed to nature. So I looked for a strong partner, ThePrintSpace.
In practice this means:
➤ Recyclable packaging envelopes
➤ Reinforcements made from recyclable cardboard
➤ Paper made from recycled fibers
➤ Corner protectors made from 100% recycled polypropylene
➤ Other recyclable bio-polyethylene protection
➤ Bubble wrap is fully recyclable.

Care for the cycle.