Art which symbolizes
the lifeblood of your company in a way,
that sets it apart from your competition.

Aktivieren Sie Ihre Vorstellungskraft

Imagine your building!

vorher ↓

I photographed this building on my way to a business meeting in Paris, La Défense.

Imagine your raw material is corn!

Without corn, our modern life
would be different.

vorher ↓

The original is a Swiss corn on the cob.
Near Rolle, Lake of Geneve.


Publishers and
printing industry. 
A wholly new
paper perspective!

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Stunning new perspectives!

For forward-thinking organizations
to have an unforgettable first and lasting impression.

My name is Petra Segger.


My name is Petra Segger and I create unique photographic works of art that celebrate the synergies between our modern world, nature and ancient Qigong philosophies.

After almost 30 years in international companies, I changed my career 180° and as an artist developed the first Holistic Concept of Art and Qigong for Companies .

Using my own or client-provided photos, I create Qi-infused artworks for forward-thinking organizations to create a memorable first and lasting impression and connect their corporate brand and culture.

The results are unique artworks that inspire innovation, encourage communication and team spirit, while reflecting the company's vision, energy and philosophy.

On request, accompanied by an offer to meaningfully integrate the health-promoting aspects of Qigong into your company.

Best regards,
Petra - Holistic Vitality

Did you know that placing inspirational artwork in the work environment...


of employees say* that art in the work environment

reduces their stress-level?

And did you know that...

People who work in so-called "Enriched Spaces",
work up to

17% more productive

compared to colleagues who are in so-called "lean places"?

employees who are involved in the selection of the pieces of art work even

up to 32% more productive

than their lean counterparts?

*) References to the studies at the bottom of this page.

Are you looking for a way that uniquely promotes the esprit and solidarity of your team and at the same time represents your company?

From the photos you provide, I not only create your individual art, but also art that is authentically connected to you.

The result is unique artworks that inspire innovation, encourage communication and team spirit, while reflecting the company's vision, energy and philosophy.

Even more!

Your company visualizes innovation and awareness of sustainability and the environment at the same time. How is that possible?

✺ Another result is, that through the universal connection of my work with nature and Qi, the life-energy, the artworks do not only have a high-energy charisma, but also shows your connection to nature! Your awareness of it.
Because no matter what you produce or offer, which machines you use or in which buildings you work, none of this would exist without the raw materials from nature.

Workplace Health Promotion

✺ On request, I offer Qigong meditations and gentle, very efficient exercises to promote the health of your employees.

✺ This also works excellently via video call - possible in both German and English.

✺ In addition, I have a global network of first-class qualified practitioners and trainers, so that this offer can also be expanded into other languages.

Unlike photos and posters, art can be interpreted in multiple ways . That's what makes them so exciting and lively.
And this ambiguity is the crucial difference with enormous impact.

✺ Art has the power to inspire people and encourage them to look at problems from a different perspective .

✺ When people look at works of art, they are often encouraged to think about the work in different ways and allow for alternative interpretations . This also promotes mutual respect .

✺ This encourages employees to approach problems with an open mind, explore multiple perspectives and consider unconventional solutions .

✺ Art can also promote a sense of community and shared values. This sense of belonging and community is encouraged, which in turn strengthens the company culture and values .

✺ By showcasing artwork that reflects the company and its values ​​and vision, a company can create a high visual quality of what it stands for. This can foster a sense of belonging, community and respectful to one another, which in turn, again, strengthens company culture and values .

✺ As a result of these positive effects, your Employer Branding will also take advantage.

Let's discuss how we can create something unique for your business!

For fans of numbers

References to the studies at the bottom of this page.

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