Discover Zhineng Qigong: Your path to holistic health and inner strength

In a world that is constantly on the move, we long for ways to take care of our health and strengthen our inner strength.
This is where Zhineng Qigong comes in - a fascinating and highly respected practice that supports people of all ages to achieve physical vitality, emotional well-being and mental clarity. In fact, Zhineng Qigong is not only officially the most recognized form of medical Qigong in China, but is also renowned worldwide. With around 20 million practitioners across the globe, this practice has established itself as a powerful method for promoting holistic well-being.

What is Zhineng Qigong?

Zhineng Qigong is a form of medical Qigong developed by Prof. Dr. Pang Ming and traditional methods and teachings from ancient China ( Buddhism, Daoism, Taoism), as well as wisdom from Tibet and teachings from India. Not only knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but also findings of modern medicine and science were included.
The main goal of Zhineng Qigong is to achieve a harmonious balance of the life energy Qi with the help of flowing movements, meditation, visualization and awareness work.

Zhineng Qigong (智能气功) is commonly referred to as "intelligent Qigong" . The literal translation consists of:

  • Zhi (智): intelligence, wisdom, knowledge
  • Neng (能): ability, potential
  • Qi (气): life energy, life force
  • Gong (功): work, practice, artistry
Although the methods are based on the teachings mentioned above, Zhineng Qigong does not have a religious approach .

For every phase of life

Regardless of your age, Zhineng Qigong offers a diverse range of exercises tailored to the specific needs of different stages of life. Whether you are in your 20s, 60s or older, this practice can help you maintain flexibility, stamina, and vitality. Note: However, Zhineng Qigong should not be practiced by people with severe mental disorders, as a lot of work is done with consciousness.

"Take care of your body.
It's the only place you have to live."

-Jim Rohn-

Radiant resilience - The power of inner strength

In today's world, life presents us with daily challenges. With Zhineng Qigong we can build our resilience and better adapt to these challenges. The practice promotes not only physical strength, but also emotional balance and clarity that help us to reduce stress and deal with change, build resilience to face the demands of life with calm.

What is the difference to "normal" sports?

While physical fitness and muscle training are in the foreground in sports, Zhineng Qigong uses a different approach. Muscle strength and endurance training are avoided here. Sporting exercises require physical exertion and consume energy, while Qigong absorbs energy (“Qi”). However, this does not mean that all exercises are easy. There are exercises that require strong willpower to perform. The practice of Qigong exercises leads to increased mobility and strengthening of the body.
Note: It only becomes real qigong when the exercise is performed in a state of "qigong" .

Zhineng Qigong is a recognized science in China that deals with the research and application of Qi, the life energy. It was developed by Prof. Dr. Pang Ming , who studied both medicine and western science.
dr Pang conceived Zhineng Qigong based on his medical knowledge and research in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, at the age of over 85, he enjoys excellent health and is still active in research. More and more scientists are joining him and his research.

Advantages and benefits are described as follows, among others:

Benefits of Zhineng Qigong Benefits for body, mind and soul
Increases physical vitality Improved energy and stamina
Promotes emotional well-being Better stress management and emotional balance
Increases mental clarity Increase in mental concentration and mindfulness
Strengthens physical flexibility Increased flexibility and smooth mobility
Supports the immune system Better defenses against diseases
Improves sleep quality Deeper and more restful sleep phases
Increases the overall quality of life More joie de vivre and contentment
Builds resilience to stress Better overcoming challenges
Promotes self-awareness Stronger connection to yourself and inner harmony
Improves breathing and oxygenation More efficient oxygen uptake and distribution
Strengthens the connection between body and mind Holistic well-being and inner balance

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Are you ready to enter the world of Zhineng Qigong


Your journey to holistic health and inner strength can begin today. With Zhineng Qigong you can increase your energy, build your resilience and manage your everyday life with more ease.
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