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Petra Segger is a self-taught Visual Artist with a holistic concept. She was born in Helmstedt, Germany in 1967 and has lived in Düsseldorf, Germany since 1991. For more than a decade she has been photographically capturing the beauty of nature with her lens, infusing her works with the emotions in the moment pressing the button of her camera. With her photographic background, she has participated in numerous group and some solo exhibitions.

Petra's artistic journey took a unique turn in 2021 when she began to combine modern technology with ancient Qigong wisdoms and has been creating mesmerizing photographic works of art ever since. Her works celebrate the universal synergy between nature and the modern world, infused with Qi, the life energy rooted in ancient Asian philosophy, leading artistically into a world of unique collections.

As a holistic Visual Artist, Petra also creates unique artworks for businesses that connect the brand, culture, individuality, and environmental awareness of customers by using their photographs as a foundation. Her powerful collections inspire and encourage innovative thinking, support communication and a feeling of togetherness amongst teams. Her work reflects the company's philosophy, energy, and connection to nature, inspiring the vision to be reimagined.

Petra also does custom art designs for individuals. She creates mesmerizing artwork from her clients' photos, such as unforgettable memories, heirlooms, and other special moments in life. By incorporating the elements of nature and our modern lives into her Qi infused artwork, she invites her clients to experience an inspiring sense of harmony and well-being, as well as vibrant energy and meditative stillness.

Petra's exceptional holistic artwork has earned her recognition, including an award from the jurors of the 2022 Luxembourg International Art Prize for exceptionally high quality art. She has also exhibited a selection of her works at prestigious events such as Miami Art Week 2022 and Thompson Gallery in Switzerland 2023.


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✺ Coco mat, Düsseldorf, Germany
16th June 2023, 16 h
Solo exhibition

✺ Arthouse Mettmann, Germany
20.01. - 05.02.2023, Member exhibition

✺ Thompson Gallery, Zug, Switzerland
09. - 31.01.2023 - Three selected artworks


✺ ART BASEL during the Art Week in Miami, USA - in  the famous Wynwood District
19.11. - 30.11.2022 - Three selected artworks

✺ Erk@Art (earlier LokArt), Lokschuppen Erkrath, Germany
11. - 14.11.2022 - Juried, local group exhibition

✺ Participation in the Luxembourg Art Prize 2022 → Awarded for artistically high-quality work

✺ Virtual exhibition "Nature's Faces" at Artplacer, New York
01.05 - 30.06.2022 - Solo exhibition

Decision to change my life and devote myself to beautiful things in this world.

2019 - 2021

✺ Artistic break, life-changes and Covid phase

Excerpts 2016 - 2018

✺ Chateau de Grouchy, Osny, France - Group exhibition of  international Artists of France, USA and Germany

✺ Photobook "Fotografie by Blickwinkel" 

✺ Photobook "Perlucere" - transluent, x-ray, shining through - amazing macro photography through glass art objects.

✺ Düsseldorf Ballhaus im Nordpark, Group expo

✺ Haus Quall, Haan-Gruiten

✺ Galerie AndersArtig, Solingen

✺ Art in the Morper Park, Alt-Erkrath

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Art that combines connectedness, grounding and modernity.