Thoughts on the topic: What does inspiration actually feel like?

The word "inspiration" is used all the time these days. But when do you actually think about what it means, what it feels like to be inspired.

For this reason I have thought about the topic a few times and would like to share them.

Of course, inspiration is always a very personal and subjective experience that is not easy to put into words. However, when we set the stage for cultivating a sense of openness and connectedness in our lives, it can be the building block for feeling inspired and living life to the fullest.

The inspirational spark that jumps!

Isn't it when we feel inspired, as if a spark has been ignited within us that fills us with energy and excitement ? We can feel a sense of clarity and focus, as if our goal has become absolutely crystal clear. Our creativity also feels boosted, allowing us to explore new possibilities and ideas that we may not have thought of before.

Feeling inspired is often a powerful and uplifting experience that can bring a sense of purpose and motivation to our lives. It is a feeling that can come from many different sources, such as art, music, nature or other people, and that can inspire us to do something or to pursue our passions.

For me personally , nature and Qigong are usually my source of inspiration. Of course, conversations with friends and other people can also be very enriching and inspiring. I also like to work with soft music in the background; this winter it was often the Chronicals from Narnia "Winterwoods". I can be wonderfully creative!


Nature, green, art, abstract

Emotionally, feeling inspired can be a deeply fulfilling experience . We can feel a sense of connection with something bigger than ourselves, whether it's a creative project, a cause we believe in, or simply the beauty of the world around us. We may also feel a sense of joy or contentment because we know we are following our passions and living our lives to the fullest.

Openness to new, inspiring things

Of course, you also have to be open to new ideas and experiences. A healthy curiosity and openness to the world around us is certainly one of the prerequisites for inspiration to happen at all. This can mean that we are open to new perspectives or simply allow ourselves the "luxury" of being present in the moment, enjoying the moment.

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