Schöne Kunst aktiviert die Glücks-Hormone in deinem Gehirn!

Was? Ja, tatsächlich!
Es ist wissenschaftlich bewiesen, dass der Anblick schöner Kunst, die Glückshormone -wie verliebt sein- aktiviert.

mein Name ist Petra Segger,
Künstlerin, Designerin individueller Kunst, Optimistin und Lösungsfinderin.

Ich bin zutiefst davon überzeugt, dass ein positiver Mindset und eine starke Intention die Basis für erfolgreiches Glücklichsein ist.
Das Menschen und Unternehmen, die es verstehen diese Eigenschaften miteinander zu verbinden, magnetisch auf andere wirken.
Bei allem was ich tue, ist es mir wichtig, authentisch zu sein und erstklassige, nachhaltige Qualität sicher zu stellen.
Zu sehen, wie viel Freude ich Menschen mit meinen Bildern bereite, ist einfach wunderbar!



[gesprochen: Tschi]
ist eine Hommage an
Qigong und die Wurzeln der Idee.


ist ein in wunderschönes, passendes Wort für mein Portfolio.
Es enthält "Image" und "Imagination" (Vorstellungskraft), was perfekt zu

der Magie der Verwandlung passt.

Immer einen Schritt voraus!

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talk about the possibilities.

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Your unique artwork arises.

Meeting II.

I show you designs and you tell me which direction you like best. I'll keep working with that.

I continue my work!

Your artwork is evolving… the excitement is building...

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We also use AI to simulate the right size for your room. We discuss the print medium together.

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Ich zeige dir Entwürfe und du sagst mir welche Richtung dir am besten gefällt. Damit arbeite ich weiter.

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Dein Kunstwerk entwickelt sich weiter... die Spannung steigt.

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Über eine Bewertung freue ich mich sehr!

Experience individual artworks!

Private | Business | Hotel Industry

To experience the joy and enthusiasm of the people for whom I create individual works of art is simply wonderful!
From actual speechlessness to tears of joy. Touching!
And the most beautiful feedback I could wish for.
Thank you!

Individual artwork – created from your picture.
Double uniqueness, so to speak!

Here you can find some examples. You can click on the pictures. Small pictures = original – the large, square works that resulted from them.

01 – Works of art that couldn’t be more personal.

Private: Memories, personal moments, anniversaries, family celebrations

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🟠 Do you know that too: You have a wonderful memory of a trip, a family celebration – wedding, birthday, anniversary and so much more – a childhood memory that is gathering dust somewhere?

🟠 Or a very personal picture that you would never hang up “like this”? For example the picture of a birth… all together, completely exhausted – but super happy! So great!!
However… this 80 x 80 cm picture in the living room, let alone in the office!??
… maybe not after all.
I offer you a perfect solution: your picture will become an (abstract) work of art. You alone know the meaning!

🟠 You love your Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, the old Beetle or your racing bike? But your wife can’t really get used to the Porsche picture in the living room? The 5,000 USD racing bike on the wall isn’t really optimal either?
Whether as a gift, surprise, individual interior design… there are many individual options.

Speaking of “furnishings” – who doesn’t know this:
You want to turn your four walls into your home.
⚪️ The tour of furniture stores proceeds with the thought: “Nice, but 1 million others have this suspension bridge too.”
⚪️The galleriesof this world are sometimes breathtaking, sometimes so-so. You might find a nice picture.
But do you also find the connection to yourself – to your heart ♥️?

For example, photograph the room and get a magical art design.

Each work that I create is an individual unique piece. Your very own personal highlight.

An artwork unique in the world, just like you!

Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.

Reference: Family – Buddha

A family celebration – three little Buddha’s photographed. This magnificent image was chosen.

Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.
Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.

Reference: Saved Humans

A charismatic manager and his friends have privately kept nearly 400 people safe! This is the memory of that day.

Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.
Woman, Woman

Lady as northern lights butterfly

It should be something special. Lightweight yet with bold colors. A truly unique gift!

Individual Artwork
Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.

Reference: Summertime Memory

An enchanting lady asked for a work of art that conveys her emotions. This is her choice.

02 – Motivate and delight your customers with unique art that relates to your product.

BUSINESS – Management, marketing and job enthusiasts.

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Art in business – medium-sized businesses, corporations, small businesses. Why? Is this superfluous bells and whistles? No, absolutely not.
I have studied it intensively and found that there are completely different and unexpectedly many, positive aspects.

There are serious, scientific studies that have investigated how art affects employees in companies. Several discussion forums with participants from business, science and the arts. Analyses from Harvard, Berkley and other universities on the subject. The WHO weighs in with the positive effects on health (also very important, especially with the shortage of skilled workers these days).

If you’ve thought art and work don’t go together, take a moment for an exciting change of perspective. Below are three (out of many) reasons.

And additionally, imagine how the impact could be intensified if art that relates to your product, raw material, service even?

1) Art as a booster for morale and productivity.
According to a study by the University of Exeter (in cooperation with Deutsche Bank), employees work 15% more productively in work environments embellished with art (i.e.: not posters!!). Impressively, it was shown that people in companies were as much as 32% more productive when they could influence the art around them. See also: Oxford University

2) Re-focus.
The daily stare at the computer screen. Let’s face it. And I know what I’m talking about. I have spent over 25 years of my working life at the computer screen with Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, SAP & Co too. It’s like a warm summer rain to step back and look at art on the walls. Not everyone has an office with a view over the rooftops of the city or into the forest.

3) Inspires creative thinking
It has been proven that seeing beautiful artwork in the environment not only makes you happy, but also promotes creative and out-of-the-box thinking.


Each work I create is an individual unique piece. Your very own personal highlight.

An artwork unique in the world, just like you and your company!

Individual Artwork
Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.

The Crazy Sewing Machine

An example of the transformation of an object. Let’s say you work at Singer or Pfaff….

Individual Artwork
Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.

Corn 1

Corn – a basic food. The industry behind it is huge! The wonderful diversity that nature offers us here as a work of art.

Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.
Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.

Reference: Coffee scent in the air

Biscione – the essence of Milanese coffee culture artfully interpreted. From Italy, via South Africa into my hands.

Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.
Kunst | Art Design by Qi Imagery | Exklusiv. Magisch.

Packing the other way around!

Humorously packaged – cardboard paper in the ice cube. The somewhat different marketing idea,

03  –  Delight your guests and customers with visual identity – art that connects to the experience.

Hotel, Gastronomy, Pleasure – Health and Wellness

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Guests / customers yearn for individual travel and leisure experiences.
Through the integration of individual artin interior design, you inspire your guests and customers sustainably – unmistakably.

Personalization and authenticity make the difference and set the tone.

This is how my artwork becomes your perfect solution.

Individual Artwork
Düsseldorf Media Harbor

Mediaharbor Skyline

A wellness day in Düsseldorf ends with an evening walk. Pleasure can also look like this.

It only gets fresher from the tree, bush, ...
It only gets fresher from the tree, bush, ...

Barcelona Marketplace

A stay at a hotel that offers only the freshest ingredients and healthiest treats from the market.

Individual Artwork
Hotelroom at Morning

A new morning!

A small Hotel in Netherlands. What do the spirals tell you? Get up and discover this brand new day!

Individual Artwork
Image, Architecture, Skyscraper, Perspective

Skyscrapers Sky

A well-known facade of an exclusive hotel in the Düsseldorf harbor. It is the Hyatt Regency in Düsseldorf.

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