The idea for my Qi Imagery art came about during a meditation

The root of the Qi Imagery idea lies in Qigong. Qigong is a wisdom from Asia and China that is thousands of years old. The energy of life is called Qi. The ability to handle and use Qi is an art.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meetings and conversations in 2021 were often conducted via video calls. I had practiced this type of communication in my job for years, and it was not new to me. What was new, however, was the experience that even meditations can take place wonderfully "through the air". Interestingly, my Zhineng Qigong joy always felt and still feels very close, whether in Austria, Italy, the USA, China, Singapore and from many other countries. We are connected through the Qi field.
I totally understand if this sounds strange to outsiders. It was the same for me. Being open to unusual things is very enriching in this case!

The idea for Qi Imagery was a journey

In March 2019 I got to know Zhineng Qigong. My journey into the world of Qi began. And in May 2021 my two-year, very special training in the wisdom and skills of Qigong started. In May 2023 my first degree will be finished. But the journey will surely continue...

Master Yuantong Liu, my Qigong master, gave one of his exciting lectures on the subject of transformation in May 2021, ie the transformation of negative information (e.g. illnesses) into positive information (e.g. holistic health). There are external and internal factors here; more on that in a later post.

Just like in nature: Spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is a constant, never-ending change in life.

From a meditation to the idea of ​​the future

During a meditation, the thought occurred to me, what if I could transform my photographs into something new through the power of imagination and transformation?

I imagined the beauty and diversity of nature producing infinite shapes, colours and textures, as well as the infinite universe and its infinite possibilities. I thought of the fascinating colour gradient of the rainbow and the light shining through the leaves and casting shadows. The play of light and darkness, which condition each other, creates a variety of impressions and emotions.

With these thoughts, I began to tinker with ways of putting my idea into practice, and after some time various digital programmes crystallised, which I now combine to let my imagination flow into my photographs.

Above: Master Liu and Britta Stalling, the initiators of the training.​​

That's the reason for "Qi" in my name!
The idea comes from Qigong.

is a wonderful word for me, which contains "image" in the sense of a picture, but also "image" in the sense of the image of a person. "Imagination" - the fantasy, the imagination is stimulated. And also a bit "magic", the magic and the magic in the transformations.

There are other interesting reasons. More on that in another article.




Photo: Petra Segger

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