Coco mat - the sleep connection: How the search for a pillow turned into an art connection

In 2022 I was looking for a new pillow.

This search turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected because the pillow needed to be very flat, soft yet supportive, and also raised and firmer when turned on its side.

Neither online orders nor visits to various specialist shops did not bring me the pillow I was looking for. Until then, I wasn't really aware that I was obviously a difficult pillow customer. However, I have to say that some salespeople agreed that such a pillow, which I had in mind, made a lot of sense.

So I went to the Coco mat store in Düsseldorf; Corner of Berliner Allee and Grünstrasse. A provider I was previously unaware of, but that quickly changed. An international company with Greek roots and the philosophy of making all products from 100% natural materials. Very sympathic! Not only that, I then purchased a pillow that was adjustable for me! Finally!

Sympathy and the same wavelength have created a magical conversation

The store manager invited me to tea and delicious pastries and we chatted about everything. At some point she asked me what I do for a living and since my answer was "I'm a holistic artist", the conversation took another nice turn. Xanthippe, as the store manager is called, loves art!

I showed her some samples of my artwork on my phone and have

explains my philosophy Xanthippe was absolutely thrilled and offered me to do an exhibition at the Cocomat Store in Düsseldorf.

Finally, the DREAMS exhibition will take place: The vernissage is on April 28, 2023!

The choice of artworks for the Coco mat exhibition

I am given complete freedom in the selection of the images. So I thought about what goes well with Coco mat and the subject of sleeping. The choice fell on spirals and the original photographs come from nature, from the world of flowers and blossoms to be precise. So also in line with the Coco mat philosophy!
I love spirals and I find it very beautiful to think that spirals let me glide gently into the endless world of dreams.

The spirals I created for this exhibition have special meanings:

Each spiral has hidden technical elements. These stand for all the information that constantly rains down on us via our various devices day after day. And the multitude of this flood of information certainly doesn't let one or the other (I'll leave out the genders) sleep well from time to time.

Sleep, coco mat, art, blue spiral

This information is being drawn in deeper and deeper by the spirals, becoming more and more invisible and blurry.
For example, the exterior of two works of art turns into a kind of cloud mist and lets all the burden of the day fall away.
Other works also have intriguing three-dimensional elements that draw the viewer deeper and deeper into the realm of dreams.

The exhibition is appropriately named DREAMS!

The beauty of the artworks stunned even me! It's a wonderful feeling to create something that I love myself and that others love as well. It is very enriching to pursue an activity that makes others and myself happy!

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